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Some feedback from my clients on why they like massage:

Massage is great for my mind and body. I play tennis, bike, hike, work out at the gym, etc. I am a very active female and massage helps my muscles recover faster. I can enjoy all of these activities more from having monthly massages. The deep tissue massage and the muscular ??? that Cyndi does are just awesome!   Okay what was that last muscular thing you did to relax my tight leg and back muscles? You really helped me that day......My legs and back have felt so much better since then. Fill in those words for me:)  MN

What I like about massage-wow!    The touch, the gentle relaxation I feel in my muscles as you work on them, being able to space out if even for a short time, an overall great feeling at the end-I've really done something nice for my mind and body!  AH

Relieves stress; pain from repetitive motions (computer usage; sitting; etc.), and if you are on the verge of cold or have sinus problems this helps the process go through your body quicker.    Sometimes my body feels like it cannot move another muscle but after my massage it relieves all that tension.  It has been the best investment I have made in myself to keep myself healthy.   I definitely recommend this to all individuals whether you are young or old; working or a stay at home parent.  The benefits are well worth the time and money.   JM

  A great massage allows me to feel completely relaxed! My posture seems improved,
and my body feels like it is lighter and more alive!!!!!  MR

As a former dancer, I know that a regular massage is an important tool to maintaining my physical well-being.  It helps control the  stresses of life and makes me feel better and more connected to my physical self.     TL

Massage for me has become a necessary addition to a healthy lifestyle. It has improved my circulation and reduced fatigue. When I have had a sore or tight muscle, massage has relaxed it. I find it also to be a great stress reducer. With all the benefits, I can't imagine my life without massages.   SP

The benefits I have received from massage are numerous.  I experienced complete pain relief and restoration of some mobility that I had lost after a head-on collision years before my first massage.  I also have experienced migraine-relief and stress-relief from my massages.  It has really been worth the investment in my health and well-being.  LS

It’s hard to believe that people don’t know how wonderful massage is, especially from YOU!  I find it to be incredibly relaxing and calming.  It relieves muscle soreness, increases flexibility and boosts the immune system and even a short massage kind of re-centers me and I feel rested and relaxed.   SB

I LOVE massage.  The release of muscle tension is my primary pleasure of massage and essential to my well being.  I also enjoy the feeling of relaxation & release of mental stress massage provides.  CE

I think massage returns my muscles back to their original state of balance - I love it.  Thanks.   DM

 For years I had thought about getting a massage but just never did it.I had terrible back pain and could barely stand for more than a few minutes without being in pain. After the first time you worked on my back I was able to stand most of the day.    Now the calendar is cleared for our monthly appointment. If I could afford it and had time I would have weekly massages.    I have seen the chair massage stations in the airports and never thought much could be done in 15 minutes. The 5 min chair massages at your grand opening changed my mind about that.    While both ladies had different styles, each has their place. Sorry, it has been a long day and I can’t remember their names. But one style was very good for a sore neck and the other was very relaxing and would be good on those high stress days.    MH

I actually started getting massages in 1989, as a reward to myself for giving up cigarettes! I quickly realized that it was not a luxury or a reward. A monthly massage has become my best preventive healthcare tool.    It lowers my stress level and improves my mental health. It has assisted in enhancing my circulation and clearing lymph nodes to decrease a sinus condition. My posture is better and my ability to participate in exercise and recreational sports is assisted by massage. Cindy performs massage and incorporates body work so well that when we finish a session I am truly taller than when I walked in!  Basically, since Cindy puts my body at ease therefore, I have less “dis-ease.” in my life.   MC

 I love that after getting a massage I feel completely rejuvenated. My mind and body feel like I just awoke from the perfect nap. I feel a release of toxins from my body as well as my head. Helps me clear my head for the rest of the week. I get a lot of clarity from massage sessions.  CS

 Simply stated the best massage in town.   Cynthia is a gifted practioner.  And her 60 minute session is 60 minutes (if not even a few minutes longer – unlike other therapists.  Their 60 minutes are 55 or 50!)  After her session you will feel like you had a real massage.  Did I mention she is the best.  I wish they allow more than 5 stars for rating.  TA


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