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Services and Rates

Cynthia Lambert, LMBT, NC lic. #143              

Massage by appointment only  919-523-5147   NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME‚Äč

Payment in cash or check only

Gift certificates available

You are unique and I'm unique and each massage session is unique.   Perhaps you feel pretty fine in your body and just having a nice relaxing massage is all you need.  Maybe sometimes, either from overdoing it or from holding yourself in a chronic position, your body is really hurting.   Then as much as you might want a nice relaxing experience, we'll have to do some more intensive work to get you feeling better.   Sometimes I have to work pretty hard (physically and mentally).   But I'm certainly going to try to help you out as best as I can with my knowledge, experience and heart.  

Things have changed since I started doing massage sixteen years ago.   For one thing there are more massage schools and more massage therapists and more massage therapy locations.   There used to mainly be spas and independent massage therapy practices.   Now we have the corporation/franchise massage businesses.   In some ways, it's great because more people are getting massages.   I price my massages very competitively.   I love doing massage and I sincerely feel that it is a good thing for an individual's physical and mental well-being.

Rates effective 1/1/2017:

30 minutes  -  $45

45 minutes  -  $55

60 minutes  -  $70

75 minutes  -   $85

90 minutes  -   $100

$5 discount to above prices if you book your next massage at the end of your current massage


Package rate effective January 1, 2017:   


300 minutes for $300.     I offer a package rate so clients can tailor massages to their needs and get a price break.  Maybe a client needs 30 minutes on a trouble spot or maybe they want 60 minutes one time and 90 minutes the next.   Minimum massage time is 30 minutes.   



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