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About the Practitioner

Cynthia Lambert, LMBT, NC lic. #143       919-523-5147

My massage style is primarily deeper pressure with a focus on areas that need detailed work.   Most people like deeper pressure, but I strive to work within individual tolerances and I'm alert to the client's response to my pressure.   I am also an analytical therapist who tries to figure out pain situations based on what I feel, client input and client body usage and activities.   I have a significant number of massage techniques in my "toolbox" to help bring clients' bodies back to equilibrium.  I also recognize that massage is a dance between the giver and receiver and the best outcomes occur when their is mutual trust. 

I graduated from Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh, NC in August 1999.   This school had a comprehensive program consisting of 700 hours of instruction which included Anatomy and Physiology, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point modality training. 

I have taken many other massage training courses since graduating, including 72 hours in neuromuscular reprogramming and 25 hours in Thai massage.   Being licensed in North Carolina requires a minimum of 20 hours of massage training every two years and I have always exceeded the minimum requirements. 

I love being a massage therapist.  Prior to becoming a massage therapist in 1999, I was a CPA for 15 years and worked in public accounting and private industry in a variety of accounting/financial positions.   When I was an auditor, people did not usually look forward to seeing me.   Now I've reversed that, and my clients do look forward to seeing me.   Most would like to see me more often (if only they could win the lottery).

I have many loyal clients who have been coming to me since I began in my massage therapy profession.  I am most grateful for all the people that I have worked on.   It is a privilege to be in a partnership with them (and their bodies) as we travel through life and time.


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